A2 Moderation Sample

    Centre : 17639 G324/01

4233; FLAHERTY, LUCY-MARIE – http://magneticproductions.wordpress.com/
4212; WARBURTON, PHILIP JOHN – http://snakesandladdersproductions.wordpress.com/
3084; HAYNES, THOMAS PAUL – http://dingdangdooproductions.wordpress.com/
3160; PALMER, JAMIE – http://dingdangdooproductions.wordpress.com/
3163; PARROTT, CHRISTOPHER – http://dingdangdooproductions.wordpress.com/
4145; MCNEELA, MICHAEL PATRICK – http://flyingcatproductions.wordpress.com/
4112; JONES, NICOLE EMILY – http://snakesandladdersproductions.wordpress.com/
4232; BARBER, GRACE ELIZABETH – http://jellyshackproductions.wordpress.com/
4074; DOYLE, JENNIFER BRIDGET – http://flyingcatproductions.wordpress.com/
4174; POLDEN, EMMA CAROLINE – http://lipglossproductions.wordpress.com/


AS Moderation Sample

    Centre : 17639 G321/01

5053; DONOHOE, EIMILE PHILOMENA – http://eagleeyeproductions.wordpress.com/
4009; ALLEN, CAMERON JAMES – http://aviatorproduction.wordpress.com/
5130; MCCAFFERTY, AOIFE MARIE – http://cramproductions.wordpress.com/
5133; MCCARTHY, RHEA LOUISE – http://warnersistersproductions.wordpress.com/
5215; OURO-GNAO, ISAAC FOUDA – http://threebrothersproductions.wordpress.com/
5052; DOHERTY, LAUREN DANIELLE – http://chalkandcheeseproductions.wordpress.com/
4117; KIRWAN WHITE, ROSANNA – http://cramproductions.wordpress.com/
4198; STANDING, ALEXANDER WILLIAM – http://rabbitrunproductions.wordpress.com/
5103; KELLY, JODIE JACQUELINE – http://apexproductions.wordpress.com/
5075; GALLACHER, JAMES PETER – http://rabbitrunproductions.wordpress.com/

Evaluation Deadlines

Deadline dates

Completed edit & Magazine advert – Friday 4th Feb

CD Design – Friday 11th Feb

Evaluation 1st draft – Friday 18th Feb

Final Evaluation – 11th March

A2 Student Evaluations

Here is a selection of evalations from previous students I have worked with.

http://a2harrowcollegemediasam1.blogspot.com (A grade)

http://a2harrowcollegemediasam5.blogspot.com (B grade)

http://a2harrowcollegemediaray1.blogspot.com (B grade)

(B grade)

http://a2harrowcollegemediaray3.blogspot.com (B Grade)

Video Evaluations

A Grade group Evaluation : http://www.latymermusiccharlotteameliahollylaura.blogspot.com

Evaluation Handout – right click – save target as

Evaluation Handout – download (right click – save target as)

Evaluation G324 Guidelines – Final Port & Blog inc Eval & Assess Criteria


Your blog should have by now :

  1. Individual – two research essays which should be illustrated with screen grabs and should have the video embedded from Youtube. (Individual)
  2. Meetings – there should be 5-6 entries on group meetings by now. (group)
  3. Song – You will need to add in information about copyright clearance.  Any correspondence with the artist and information about ‘creative commons’ licensing.  (explanation and screen grabs needed)  Also song should be uploaded to soundcloud.com by now. (group)
  4. Artist background information with photos. (group)
  5. Pink panther editing exercise along with a description of what tools you used to edit with. (individual/pairs)
  6. Pick 2-3 videos that inspire you and embed them into blog.  Write 3-4 lines about aspects that could feed into your video. If you are using stop-motion then you need research into this technique (individual)

Audience research

  1. Questionnaires – You should have your questionnaires finished by now.  The results need to be quantified (excel – pie charts) This information then needs to be supported by (a one side of A4 hand written ) explanation of how these results have influenced your choice of song. (group)
  2. Music video channel research – Using data from www.barb.co.uk find out viewing figures for ALL music video channels.   You will then pick the five most appropriate channels for your video and write two paragraphs on why this audience is suitable – please also discuss any appropriate radio stations or magazines. (group)
  3. Audience Profile – You should have a fictitious profile of your target audience member and an explanation of what kinds of taste they might have- where they would shop, what music they would listen to, what their favourite TV programmes would be, etc.and write a few notes on why they would watch your music video. (2-3 paragraphs) (group)
  4. Complete http://www.findyourtribe.co.uk/ and post up results to your blog. (individual)

Developing Ideas

  1. Visual timeline of music video diagram – 1-2 sides of A4 scanned in. (group)
  2. Storyboards – 20-30 panes of you idea turned into a storyboard. (group)
  3. Location photos with explanation (group)
  4. Costume photos and makeup photos with explanation. (group)


  1. Find two band adverts from a magazine and two cd-digipak covers within your chosen genre of music.  ( see http://www.newcyberian.com/digipak_special.html for examples) Write a one paragraph analysis for each one and upload to blog along with the image. (individual)

Music Video Research – three essays

You will need to save these files – Right Click – Save target as

Music Video Research – George Michael (PDF)

Music Video Research – Eminem (PDF)

Music Video Research – Chemical Brothers (PDF)